CATIA V5-6R2015 Basics Part II: Part Modeling by Tutorial Books


This book is a continuation of CATIA V5-6R2015-Part I. The topics covered in this book are listed below:

Basic features based on the sketch
-3D elements project
-The command of the plane
-Aircraft Offset
-Parallel through the point
-Three points
-Through two lines
-Through the point and the line
-Through the planar curve
-Normal to the curve
-Tangent to the surface
-Medium through points
-In the curve
-On the plane
-On the surface
-Circle/sphere/ellipsoid center
-Tangent in the curve
-Additional options of the Pad and Pocket commands
-See the commands
-Measure the commands

Characteristics of the holes and costumes
-Simple Hole
-Counterbalanced hole
-Buttress Hole
-Hole in the shape of a pencil
-threaded hole
-The Thread/Tap command
-The Edge Fillet command
-Limiting elements
-Blind corner(s)
-Variable radius file
-Cordal fillet
-Filete Face to Face
-Tritangent fillet
-Chamfer control
-Angle of rotation
-Drawing the reflection line
-Variable angle draft

Pattern Geometry
-Mirror command
-Rectangular pattern
-Circular pattern
-User pattern

Characteristics of the ribs
-The rib command
-The Slot command

Multi-Section Solids
-Multi-section Solid command
-Types of cross sections
-Multi-section removed Solids

Additional features and multi-body parts
-Solids combination
-Multi-body parts
-Creating Multi-bodies
-Insert in the new body
-Union Craftsmanship
-Remove the bundle

Modification of the parts
-Edit the sketches
-Edit the characteristic definition
-Edit the parameters of the characteristics
-Disable the features
-Activate the features
-Changing the sketch holder


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