Best Fusion 360 plugins for Free - 2020

Lists of Top Best Fusion 360 plugins/addons and Extensions

 1.Helical Gear Generator

Helical gears resemble spur gears with the teeth at an angle. They can be meshed in parallel or crossed orientations at 90 degrees or arbitrary angles and can be generated with as little as a single tooth forming a screw gear. It is one of the best Fusion 360 plugins in the lists. 

Gears may be specified in either the 'Normal' or the 'Radial' system or the fixed profile Sunderland standard, any of which can be generated as either Left or Right handed. Handedness in helical gears refers to the direction the teeth lean when the gear is placed flat on a table. 

Using this add-in, proper Herringbone gears (such as the gears used for this add-in's thumbnail) can be created by using a Sunderland profile then mirroring the gear about one of its faces. In the case of Herringbone or other double-helix gears the handedness of the base gear is not as significant as it is for single helix gears - to effectively change the handedness of a Herringbone / double helix gear all you need to do is flip it over - whereas for a single helix gear it must be mirrored to change its handedness. 

Finally, by setting a helix angle of 0 degrees, Spur gears can be created and defined in the metric system (as opposed to the sample Spur Gear script which defines gears in the American system) with this add-in or Fusion 360 plugins.

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2. SimScale

SimScale is an engineering simulation platform completely accessible in a standard web browser. Combining the power of cloud computing and cutting-edge simulation technology, it constitutes an ecosystem, where simulation functionality, content, and people are brought together in one place.

SimScale offers a complete simulation pipeline - meshing the geometry, determining the solutions for the respective analysis type, and visualizing the results. As such, the first step constitutes providing a CAD model to be meshed, and this is the point where this add-in comes into play.

Create your model on Autodesk® Fusion 360™ and with a few clicks push your geometry to an existing project on SimScale without having to leave the application or do cumbersome format conversions when saving the models you want to use in your simulations. best Fusion 360 plugins to create Models with few clicks

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3. Composite Connectors

This Autodesk® Fusion 360™ app delivers a wide range of pre-designed shapes that are used to frame in mechanical designs to the designers’ fingertips. The app is designed to streamline the design process and get parts on your desk tomorrow.

This app Integrates Autodesk Fusion 360 with our storefront where we count parts and get you to the checkout so you can focus on designing products.

Composite Connectors are a light weight, high strength framing system used to make, build and fix just about anything that needs a high weight to strength performance. Build with a carbon fiber, nylon, glass weave honeycomb inner core. Made in the USA.

Connectors are fabricated using a high-end carbon fiber nylon weave built with a honeycomb inner core on high end 3D printers.

Many parts are reduced in weight by 70% compared to traditional engineering plastic resins.  

Coupled with an integrated storefront, never leave Autodesk Fusion 360 when it is time to add more connectors, tubing and carbon fiber plates.    

The app queries your Autodesk Fusion 360 BOM to itemize part count, total weight and costs to the design. 

The downloaded designs are open source, so change them as you need and we will make you more.

If you are custom building something for your bike or fixing your 4X4 or boat try using composite connectors as your next DIY solution and this makes it a 3rd best fusion 360 plugins on the list

Prototyping a new drone to carry supplies? We just might have the light weight mechanisms needed to make it reality.   

Maximum weight to strength performance.   

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4. Bommer

Bommer for Autodesk® Fusion 360™ integrates tightly with Fusion 360 to automate your bill of materials workflow. Companies and teams of all sizes use Bommer to capture custom properties, export
BOM spreadsheets, and build parts lists for 2D drawings, effortlessly and easily, freeing up valuable engineering time and resources. Try it out for free, no credit card required!. Best fusion 360 plugin for creating bill of materials

What can Bommer do for you? 

  • Automate building your bill of materials with accurate quantities, mass properties, and more. 
  • Capture thumbnail images for all parts in your design, and export them with your BOM. 
  • Extract bounding box dimensions for all of your parts to create cut lists. 
  • Configure flattened or structured bills of materials, for view or export. 
  • Control part visibility: show, hide, and promote parts with a click of a button. 
  • View your BOM in-app, as an editable table, or as a part-by-part properties form. 
  • Store custom properties for all components in your designs. 
  • Export your BOM to a spreadsheet or CSV with a couple of clicks. 
  • Build custom BOM tables for your drawing sheets. 
  • Extend Bommer by using the in-app configuration tools to add whatever properties you and your team find most important. 
  • Collaborate with your team: export and import configuration to sync your team, or store your configuration in your configuration management system of choice. 
  • Data sharing and accessibility: All custom property values are all stored with your design data making it accessible across your team, organization, or by anyone with which you share your design files.
  • Please reach out to us if you have any questions or want to chat before trying Bommer out. Book time with the founders by clicking here, or send us a note at

5. Haas Outpost

In this App, we have made it possible to post to a number of Haas Postprocessors. This app simplifies the ability to post NC code and a setup sheet at the same time.

The app will read the names of all setups in your cam workspace. You can then pick which one you want to post out. Once the setup is chosen, select a post processor and whether you want html or excel setup sheet posted out as well.

The other thing you will find on this app are hyperlinks to several Haas sites that can help in either troubleshooting machining issues or in getting some tips of the day and making it the 5th must-have plugin in our best fusion 360 plugins list.

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6. NC Viewer

This app takes the web page based NC Viewer and embeds it into Autodesk® Fusion 360™ CAM workspace. Once installed, it allows a user to drag and drop NC code live into the NC Viewer palette and watch a simulation of the code within Autodesk Fusion 360.

This app works hand in hand with the Haas Outpost addin from the app store because when the Haas outpost command is run, it will launch a Windows Explorer path where you saved the NC file that was just posted out. This allows easy drag and drop abilities from the Windows Explorer into the NC Viewer addin

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7. SwiftCalcs

Integrate mathematical analysis into your CAD models. Best fusion 360 plugins for integrating calculations and analyzing the CAD models.

Swift Calcs was designed from the ground up by engineers looking for an intuitive and time-efficient alternative to paper, spreadsheets, and cumbersome computation packages. Use Swift Calcs to perform your engineering design and analysis calculations faster and more reliably, and then take your results and link them to Autodesk® Fusion 360™ to directly drive model dimensions

Swift Calcs takes the best of cloud computing, MathCAD, Microsoft Excel, Github, and Evernote to create a unified computational notebook that merges usability and capability. With Swift Calcs, you get:

Human Readable Math - Swift Calcs automatically formats mathematical expressions into human-readable form as you type. No LaTeX, no special syntax, no programming.

More than Equations - Layer in rich text, images, videos, charts, and more, to tell the full story. From quick calculations to full reports, we have you covered.

Powerful Computations - From symbolic calculus to full unit support to advanced numerical solvers, Swift Calcs has the tools to help you get answers, fast.

Collaborate and Share - Invite others to view or edit your worksheets with a click of the mouse, without worrying about email attachments or software compatibility. Swift Calcs makes the 7th must-have plugin in the best fusion 360 plugins list.

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8. ExactFlat Online Publisher

ExactFlat Online is a fast and simple-to-use 3D flattening solution. This browser-based tool helps manufacturers of Soft Goods produce perfect patterns in minutes rather than hours or even days.

With ExactFlat OnLine, converting Autodesk® Fusion 360™ models to patterns ready for cutting is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Publish the 3D model from Fusion 360 directly into ExactFlat Online.

2. Flatten the 3D model into 2D with ExactFlat Online.

3. Download the 2D pattern pieces.

And, with monthly or annual pricing applied only when you download a pattern, ExactFlat Online ensures the Fastest and Most Affordable path from CAD to Cutter.

The ExactFlat Online Publisher Plugin is free.  Users must also sign up for the ExactFlat Online service by visiting Access to this service is also free.  Users only pay when they download pattern pieces.

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9. 3D Printing App for Autodesk® Fusion 360™

This easy to use app installs our 3D printing app in Autodesk® Fusion 360™. After clicking the 3D print button, you can repair, analyze and scale your model. On the platform you can choose among a wide range of materials and compare different 3D printing services.
The app features:

(1) one-click upload,

(2) showing prices from 3D printing services,

(3) effective 3D repairment,

(4) wall thickness analysis,

(5) download of the repaired file (STL),

(6) secure file transfer with SSL.

this plugin is and stays free of charge and there are no hidden costs.

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10. Dynamo for Autodesk® Fusion 360

The add-in supports a bi-directional data exchange between Fusion 360 and Dynamo Studio, allowing users to create visual logic for Fusion 360 parameters update.

It provides an ability to use a visual editor environment to modify Fusion 360 model parameters, view and use them in complex logical graphs. Fusion 360 parameters will be automatically updated from Dynamo Studio using custom input and output nodes.

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