Fusion 360 for Makers: Design Your Own Digital Models for 3D Printing and CNC Fabrication

  • Learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to digitally model your own original projects for a 3D printer or CNC device. Fusion 360 software lets you design, analyze, and print your ideas. 
  • Free for students and small businesses, it offers solid, surface, organic, direct, and parametric modeling capabilities. Fusion 360 for Makers is written for beginners in 3D modeling software by an experienced teacher.
  •  It will get you up and running quickly with the goal of creating models for 3D printing and CNC manufacturing. 
  • Inside Fusion 360 for Makers, you'll find Eight easy-to-understand tutorials that provide a solid foundation in DIY projects for the basics of Fusion 360 that are explained with step-by-step instructions and color photos Projects that have been tested in the real world, covering the most common problems and solutions Standalone projects, allowing you to jump to those of interest without having to work through all the previous projects first Design from scratch or edit the downloaded designs.
  •  Fusion 360 is an appropriate tool for beginners and experienced manufacturers.


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