Solidworks 2016 Essential Training


This course will teach you the some important tools and modeling techniques to design efficiently in SOLIDWORKS, the world's leading CAD software for product design and development. We use the simple but effective "why, what, how" teaching method, with the ultimate goal of creating ready-to-manufacture parts and assemblies.

Author shows how to create more complex geometry with sweeps, lofts and cuts. Then we move on to lessons that cover the modification tools like Fillet, Chamfer, Draft and Shell. We then combine the parts into sets and create a moving set from parts and sub-assemblies. Finally, we create accurately annotated drawings ready for delivery to a manufacturer

Topics include:

  • Creating your first part in 3D
  • Creating Sketches
  • Modeling with the characteristics of Extrusion and Revolution
  • Applying materials, colors and backgrounds
  • Drawing basic shapes and polygons
  • Creating the compensation geometry
  • Moving, copying and rotating elements
  • Working with planes, axes and the coordinate system
  • Creating smooth, angled corners with fillets and chamfers
  • Advanced part modeling with Loft and Sweep features
  • Using the Wizard of the Hole
  • Designing with blocks
  • Build assemblies and subassemblies
  • The mating parts
  • Using design tables
  • Adding parts and assemblies to drawings
  • Adding dimensional annotations to a drawing


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