Lynda - Learning KeyShot free course download


With a simple user interface that offers numerous advanced display options, and no clutter to impede workflow, KeyShot is both powerful and easy to use. This 3D render software has a real-time workflow that helps you see your renderings and animations take shape instantly, reducing the time needed to create that perfect shot. 

From accurate material and environment presets to advanced material and animation editing in keyshot, KeyShot can make creating product or sales and marketing images a little easier.

In this course, George Maestri helps you get started with KeyShot. George begins by taking a look at the KeyShot interface and reviewing some of the basics. Then, he helps you get used to the workflow by showing you how to create a simple render. He also goes deeper into working with materials and lighting. To finish the course, George reviews how to animate with KeyShot.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the KeyShot interface
  • Configuring performance settings
  • Managing the objects in a scene
  • Importing assets into KeyShot
  • Assigning and modifying materials
  • Setting up the final render
  • Creating materials
  • Working with transparency and refractions
  • Using objects as lights
  • Creating a turntable animation
  • Animating parts of objects


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