Lynda - Rhino - Twinmotion Workflow | Free CAD course

Twinmotion is a real-time visualization tool for the world of construction and product design that enables real-time photorealistic renderings for various platforms. 

In this course, Jonathan Racek demonstrates the workflow between Twinmotion and Rhino. Jonathan begins by explaining what Twinmotion is, how to navigate it and how to handle the Gizmo, an essential tool for manipulating geometry in Twinmotion. He then explains how to prepare the Rhino file to be synchronized with a Twinmotion project. Once the file is imported, Jonathan shows you other ways to import geometry into your Twinmotion file, as well as how to add vegetation, swap objects, use basic weathering functions, etc. 

He reviews how to export rendered images and videos, and concludes with an explanation of the presentation tool, which gives you a convenient way to share your work with a client.

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