Lynda - SketchUp Pro - Interior Design Detailing | Free CAD course


If you have any experience with SketchUp, you'll know how effective this tool is at bringing your designs to life. 

In this course, interior design expert Rebecca Terpstra teaches you how to create an interior design in SketchUp Pro from a basic floor plan, build it in three dimensions, populate the space with furniture and accessories, and create the documentation needed to deliver it to a client or contractor.

Rebecca also illustrates the versatility of SketchUp Pro, first working with a .dwg drawing file imported from AutoCAD, and then showing how to import a hand-drawn floor plan and work with it in SketchUp. As with many design programs, diving into a project is one of the best ways to learn, and Rebecca provides custom-made exercise files to guide you through the tutorials. 

After this course, you'll have a better understanding of what SketchUp Pro can offer designers as well as clients.



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