10 Amazing 3D model free download sites and CAD Block Libraries



GrabCad is a huge community, with over 6,000,000 CAD designers using the website. Their combined efforts have resulted in over 3,000,000 free models and other related CAD files, all of which are available on the website.

GrabCad allows you to search the website both by the type of models available, such as cars or people and by the software used to create them. This makes it very easy to find the model you need to use. There are tons of tutorials available to help freelance mechanical drawing services work on their own models and regular challenges that help add new models to the website.

If you are looking for great free 3D models, this is certainly a great website to visit.

There are dozens of free websites available for 3D models, but they are not all the same. Some have a tiny selection, and some have so many ads that it is too difficult to use the website. These 10 websites offer free 3D models, but more importantly, they are of high quality. You can expect good quality 3D models regardless of which of these great websites you choose.

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If you're familiar with CAD, you've probably heard of SketchUp

3D Warehouse is an online collection of 3D models associated with SketchUp. At 3D Warehouse you can get a wide range of unique 3D models, including furniture, animals and architecture.

The 3D models are available free of charge in connection with your SketchUp account or you get access to more models through the subscription program.

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CG Trader is a place where you can buy and sell computer-generated models. It also has a large selection of free models from artists hoping to get the word out about their work. Although there are many models for sale here, CG Trader offers a filter that allows you to search only for free models.

There is a wide variety of models to choose from on CG Trader. It has everything from "crowds" to bring your 3D architectural designs to life to kitchen, car, or android interiors. Anything you can imagine is probably available in CG Trader, and chances are you have at least one free option.


3D Export is a 3D modeling company that has a great free offer for those interested in their free 3D models. If you subscribe to their email list, they will send you six free 3D models every week and promise no SPAM. 

If you have doubts about the veracity of this, or just don't want to share your email address, they also have over 300,000 3D models in their searchable database, many of which are free.

3D Export has a wide variety of options, including models for 3D printing, low poly 3D models, and 3D tutorials in case you need any of those as well. It's a very versatile website to get you started.

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With 71,000 3D models available, 3D Ocean has a lot to offer in terms of models available. It also offers CG textures, animation data and other 3D modeling related files. This website is part of a larger marketplace, called Envato Market. The larger marketplace makes it easier to find everything you need, including 3D models.

Like most free 3D modeling websites, not all 3D Ocean models are free. The 3D models are, in many ways, better than on other websites. This is because, rather than gambling on millions of 3D models, they are more about quality than quantity.

Every month, they offer free gifts that you can use, which gives you an incentive to come back every month for more new items.


This website has just about everything you can dream of for your business. If you need reference photos to showcase your drawing services, they have a whole category. Quality 3D models? They're easy to come by. Realistic fabrics that drape believably? They have a whole data set for that.

CubeBrush is carefully designed and has just about everything you can imagine for your website. Even if you're looking exclusively for 3D models or their related files, you're sure to find something useful as you browse the available selection.

For the most part, CubeBrush is a paid website. But if you're patient, you can get what you want through their weekly giveaways. Check back each week to see what new and exciting products they have available for your use.


This website offers thousands of royalty-free 3D models. The quality of the 3D models varies from simple fantasy cartoons to highly detailed robots. You can search by category to find the 3D model you are looking for and use it however you like.

Sketchfab also has 3D models for sale, as well as a premium membership, which allows you to download larger files. You don't need to access the free models, they are just part of the system that helps keep Sketchfab running.

Sketchfab has a thriving community of 3D modelers who regularly add new items to the website. If you don't see what you're looking for, you can always come back later to see if there are any free models that work for you.


Turbo Squid has thousands of free 3D models available, and many freelance 3D character modelers upload their work there. The models are easy to navigate, with an adjustable display starting at 100 per page.

The models fall into several categories, so whether you need a realistic piece of fruit or a cool model of the human body, there's something available for you. Turbo Squid sells 3D models and also offers free models, but these can be filtered so you only see the free ones.

Turbo Squid has purchased some of the other free model websites out there. If you are looking for a 3D modeling website that looks different, don't be too surprised if you get redirected back here.


Thingiverse is the world's largest 3D modeling community and it is free to use. The idea behind Thingiverse is to make 3D models, like the ones you need, freely and widely available. There are over 1,500,000 models uploaded. These models range from items you can 3D print to general 3D models and even tutorials. There is a wide range of different free CAD-related objects on this website, many of them top-notch.

All models on Thingiverse are free. You can also join the community, submit your own 3D models, remix old designs or share the ones you like. There are apps available to help you work with the models, and the website is carefully designed to make it as easy as possible to download and use the models.

Thingiverse is fully integrated with the 3D ecosystem of Makerbot, a widely used 3D printer. If you are thinking of 3D printing your product, you may find this website especially useful, as many of the models on the website are designed specifically for that purpose.

All in all, this is a great website. Even if you are not specifically looking for 3D printing or 3D product design companies, you can get a lot of ideas from the website, as well as some exquisitely detailed models.


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