CAD Analysis and Clean up for Revit Modeling 2021 Dynamo 2.6 | Free revit course 2021



This course is designed to help you extract from CAD files the elements that are already created and transform them into information that is useful for dynamo so that Revit elements can be created with the appropriate construction methods.

It's an amazing opportunity to try to explore information workflows and modify things in CAD files so that they can be useful for automation processes.

You can literally change custom cad export workflows to redraw all the elements with the exact same accuracy, and it can be applied to any type of project where people are just using CAD projects, but the final scope required must be an accurate and managed BIM model.

You will work with two cad files that will be exported to read information from them and recreate their location and intersection patterns, has quizzes in each module so that key concepts are refreshed and has two assignments to do activities to enhance the learning process.

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Who this course is for:

  • Structural Engineers that want to transfer CAD practices to Revit BIM Models
  • Structural Engineers that what to solve or model elements by Dynamo use

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